Why is a canceled booking still showing in VRScheduler?

There are a couple of reasons this can occur:

1) If the booking has already checked in, VRScheduler will not remove the booking.  This is because sometimes the feeds drop past bookings, so to be safe we will not remove past bookings from the calendar.
The workaround to remove already checked in to make the booking inactive in Bookings List or from the Master Calendar

2) If the booking is in the future, and the cancellation has just occurred (within the last hour or so), the system may still be sync-ing.  VRScheduler does not delete bookings until it is missing for 3 cycles of sync-ing.  This is to reduce the chances of bookings being accidentally deleted (due to feed issues), which would result in any scheduled tasks getting rebuilt, and any task changes (notes etc.) being lost.

If neither of these scenarios applies, please contact us with the Property Name and Booking Dates so that we can resolve the issue: help@vrscheduler.com