Connecting and Paying for a Subset of Escapia Properties

VRScheduler will charge for all properties imported into VRScheduler, even if they are deactivated in VRScheduler.   

If you have properties that are no longer in use,  or that you don't need in VRScheduler, you can save costs by following this process. 

Process for selecting properties one by one for the VRScheduler feed:

1) Log Into your Escapia Account and Navigate to Escapia NET
Admin >Setup >EscapiaNET > Join Escapia NET > I Agree
You may have to agree to the terms and conditions at this point.

2) Find VRScheduler in the List and choose "Unit Distribution"
Choose VRScheduler for each property you would like to include in the feed.

If VRScheduler is not listed - you will need to place a request with HomeAway Support.
Please go to the support portal:
Make the request:
Please add VRScheduler as a network partner in EscapiaNet.
For more details, see the Tutorial Video in HomeAway Software University:
3) Please contact us with the HomeAway ticket number and number of properties selected. 
Contact Email:

Note that properties must be BOTH removed from the feed (following this process) and deactivated in order for you to not be charged the monthly  fee.