Booking Tags using PMS Note Field

Booking tags are used by the Task Rules to add and remove Tasks from the calendars;  An Escapia booking that has a Pool Heat add-on can be Tagged with #PoolHeat then a Turn On Pool Heat Task can be automatically added to the calendar one day before Check-In.

Booking Tags can be imported from the following PMS note fields (if you don't see one listed, please contact us at  Escapia, Guesty, Streamline, Orbirental, Beds24, BookingSync, 365Villas, V12, Hostaway, OwnerRez, LMPM and CSV Booking Uploads

Define Tags and Add Tag to Booking Notes Field in PM Software

  1. Define Tags such as  #Crib or #PoolService.  Make the tags words that you would not normally use in the notes field. You do not have to use the #.
  2. Enter the correct Tag to the notes field for each booking reservation.  Below are a few examples of where to place the tags.  If a PMS is not listed, please use the standard notes field.
Note: Only the first 2000 characters of the notes field are imported, so if you have a long note be sure to put the tag at the beginning.

Booking Sync

Enter Booking Tags in VRScheduler System Settings

  1. In VRScheduler go to Setup → System Settings 
  2. In the Tags field make a comma-delimited list of the Booking Tags, there can be no spaces between commas.    
  3. Click Save.  Bookings will now be imported with Booking Tags found in the reservation Notes.

    Edit Task Rules to Utilize Booking Tags

  1. To add and remove tasks from your calendar automatically in Setup → Task Rules →Edit or Add
  2. Scroll Down to Scheduling Detail Per Booking Section and enter Tags in appropriate field. In this example, These Tasks would only be created for a reservation tagged with #PoolHeat.

OR Show Booking Tags with a Current Rule

1. Edit the Task Rule

2. In the Dashboard section, check Show Booking Tags

Review Booking Tags

1.  Booking Tags and PMS Notes will show in Booking List and in the Booking Detail Popup Window (Master Calendar --> Click on Booking).

2.  Ensure the Task Rule is working by viewing the Master Calendar for the correct Tasks.