Linking VRScheduler Accounts with a Property Manager or Vendor

VRScheduler accounts can be linked to other businesses to improve the workflow between companies.  This works well when a property management company uses VRScheduler and outsources their cleans or hot tub services to a company (the vendor) that also uses VRScheduler.

When the property manager's bookings are automatically imported into the vendor's VRScheduler calendar, Tasks completed or scheduled for the property by the vendor will appear on the Property Managers calendar per settings below. Issues reported to the Vendor by their Staff can be copied to the property manager's VRScheduler account.

Link company accounts.

  1. The Property Management Company adds the Service Company as a Vendor in its VRScheduler account.
    1. Navigate to: Setup -->Vendors
    2. Click the +Add Vendor button.
    3. When entering the vendor information, be sure to choose the properties you are wanting them to see:
    4. After clicking save, find the vendor in your list, use the magnifying glass icon to view the details, and then the Property + link to view the property ID and Codes.  Copy the ID and Codes and email them to your Vendor.
  1. The Vendor adds each property into their VRScheduler account and enters the Code and ID's emailed to them by the Property Manager (see Step 1).
    1. Navigate to Setup --> Properties
    2. Click +Add New Property, or edit (pencil icon) to link an existing property
    3. Enter the Property Name, Address and Abbreviation you wish to use
    4. In the Bookings section, choose Link to another VR Customer for Bookings and enter in the ID and Code for the property you are entering
    5. Select the desired options to show completed and or Scheduled Tasks on the Linked Account Master Calendar.

Tip:  Once the Vendor can see the property in their Master Calendar, bookings can be imported and Task Rules can be assigned.  If selected, completed tasks and scheduled tasks for the property will show up in the Property Manager's system.