Beds24 Integration

Beds24 Property Management Software is integrated with VRScheduler. 

  • Property Import Data
    • Name & Room
    • Address
    • Lat & Lon
  • Booking Import Data
    • Check In/Out Date
    • Guest Name, Email, Phone
    • Guest, and Child counts
    • Notes for use with Booking Tags
    • Rent Amounts
    • Deposit Amounts
    • Entering guestArrivalTime in Beds24 in the exact format HH:MM (on a 24 hour clock) will import the Check In Time in VRScheduler (and expand the task windows)
  • VRScheduler Statuses can be pushed into Beds24 Room Unit Statuses Read Article >>
  • Owner Bookings placed in VRScheduler can be imported into Beds24 Read Article >>
Import Notes:
Beds24 Booking status needs to be 1 or 2 in order for Bookings to Import into VRScheduler
Bookings with guest name "Not available" are imported as blocks (no tasks assigned)

If your bookings or properties are not importing, it may be because your account is past due with Beds24 and your API connection has been limited.  Please check with your account rep at Beds24.

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