Retrieving Beds24 API

STEP 1: Create and Enter an Account API Key for VRScheduler

  1. Navigate to the Account Access page
  2. Enter the following information (you may need to click save between entries to get all information inserted):
    API Key: Choose and enter a minimum of 16 character text string (NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS - WRITE THIS DONE, THIS IS YOUR API Key).
    API Key Access: Choose "allow whitelist IP only" and Click "SAVE" which will show the IP Whitelist field
    IP Whitelist: Enter
    Allow Writes: No
    Property Access: Owned by this account only

STEP 2: Enter a Property Key for each of your properties.

  1. Navigate to Settings --> Properties --> Link
  2. For each property in the dropdown, enter a propKey. This can be any string over 16 characters but must be unique.

STEP 3: Let us know your Beds24 API Key from Step 1

Email your Beds24 API Key to and we will attach it to your account.