BeHome247 Integration

BeHome247 is a smart home automation platform including keyless and remote entry.  

How the BeHome247/VRScheduler Integration Works:

Guest Check Out

-- A guest enters their check out key code into the BeHome247 lock upon checkout, and a notification is sent to VRScheduler
-- VRScheduler logic verifies that there is a checkout scheduled that day.
-- If the scheduled checkout time is in the future, the checkout time is updated to the current time and any tasks scheduled for checkout are rescheduled to the current time.
-- Notifications are sent to managers and Staff's per the settings entered (see below)

How to Setup VRScheduler within VRScheduler

STEP 1: Turn on Point Central

Navigate to Setup --> Settings
Click "Edit"
Check "Integrate Point Central"

STEP 2: Adjust Notification Settings

Navigate to Setup --> Manager Notifications and alerts.
Choose manager to receive the check out  alert , and click the "Edit" button
Update the "Checked Out" setting.

Navigate to Setup --> Staff and Owner Notifications
Click the "Edit all Task Alerts" button
Choose which services to notify the assigned Staff, and adjust settings under "Checkout"

STEP 3: Enter the Point Central CustomerID's for each Property

Request an export of your property CustomerID's from your account rep at point central.
Navigate to Setup --> Properties
For each Property:
Click Edit (the pencil icon)
Enter the Point Central CustomerID into the Point Central Customer ID field.
Upon save the connection to Point Central is created and notification will begin for this property.