Pushing Housekeeping Status' Back Into Escapia

VRScheduler has the ability to update the housekeeping status in Escapia when a task in completed.  You will assign a status to a Task Rule in order to tell VRScheduler how to update the status.

NOTE: The Escapia status will only be updated if the next booking has not checked in.  This alleviates the issue where perhaps a clean was not marked complete before the next check-inn. In that case, when you did mark it complete, you would not want the status to update because the unit should stay "Not Clean".

Escapia status' are as follows:
Not Clean
In Progress
Out of Service

Here is the most typical example:
-- You will edit each of your cleaning rules, and set the status on completion to "Clean"
-- You will edit each of your inspection rules, and set the status on completion to "Inspected"

PRE-STEP: Make sure the Method 'SaveUnitHousekeepingStatus'  is on in the Partner Picker in your Escapia dashboard

Step by Step instructions:

Step 1:
Navigate to Setup --> Task Rules, then click Edit next to the task that you would like to change the Escapia housekeeping status:

Step 2:
Scroll down to Escapia Housekeeping Setting section and choose the status.