Connecting your VRScheduler account to BookingSync

Connect your BookingSync account to VRScheduler for more comprehensive scheduling and tracking of your cleaners, inspectors and all other staff.   By integrating your accounts, BookingSync properties and bookings will be imported into VRScheduler so that all your tasks can be auto-generated and scheduled.  

Not sure yet?  Start by taking a free one-on-one demo of VRScheduler to learn how it can help you save time and manage all of your cleans, inspections, maintenance, payroll and more.
Take a Demo 

Ready to go?  Create a VRScheduler account connected to your BookingSync account by following these instructions:

Log in to your BookingSync account, click Apps, scroll to the bottom under Install a Private App and enter the Access Code below.

Private App Access Code:5508-4e2a-70df-6b23

The VRScheduler App tile will appear under Private Apps. Click the tile to connect to VRScheduler.

You will then walk through a series of screens to sign up for VRScheduler. Once you are signed up, you can use the Onboarding Steps to help you get all of your information into the system.  We also offer one-on-one onboarding work sessions and  training to make sure everything is working exactly as you need it.