Upload Evolve Bookings

VRScheduler is unable to import bookings from Evolve. The Evolve iCal links create double bookings and do not show same day check in/outs.  We can import bookings from the Evolve flat-file downloaded from their portal.

Upload Bookings from Evolve

1.  Setup --> System Settings --> Set Has Evolve Properties to YES

2.  Setup --> Property --> Edit (pencil icon).  

3. Scroll down to  Bookings section --> check Evolve CSV and enter the associated Evolve Property ID.  Note: Use the CSV import file from step 4 to obtain the Evolve Property IDs.

4. Log into your Evolve Partner portal and Navigate to BOOKINGS --> Booking Report
Choose Check-Out, Custom, then choose Today's date for the first date field

Scroll to the bottom and click Export to CSV to download the list of bookings in CSV format.  

Open the CSV in a spreadsheet program.

IMPORTANT: Move the Guest Full Name header so that it is above the Guest Names (replacing False = No)

The column headers should be exactly:

Guest Name
Booking #
Listing #
Guest Email
Guest Phone Number
Date Booked
# Adults
# Children
Pets? True = Yes
Guest Full Name

5.  Go to  Bookings --> Actions button; choose Upload Evolve Bookings.  Choose your file from step 4, and click Submit to import the bookings.