Time Tracking

VRScheduler time tracking is very simple - the system logs clocking on and off for the day as well as starts and ends each task. Only the administrators can make an adjustment to times. Reports can then be filtered by staff (for payroll) and by property (for owner billing or cost reviews).

Tip: Staff dashboards only work when the device has access to the internet. Staff can not clock-in or out if they do not have Wi-Fi or Cell coverage.

Enable Time Tracking 

  1. Setup → Staff 
  2. Click Edit (pencil icon) for the desired Staff Record. 
  3. Under the  Dashboard section, check Time Tracking Enabled clock in/out of day and task .
  4. Then go to Setup → System Settings, double check the 'Day End' setting. This time will be used to fill in the clock-out time when/if staff forgets to clock out. Automatic clock-outs happen by default at midnight on the day of the assigned task. You can adjust this using the previous instructions
Tip: You can also use this page to locate your staff's current locations, which is indicated next to their names.

Access Time Tracking Administration Area 

  1. In the Gray Navigation Bar → Tracking 

Track Staff and Times

  1. The Choose Date field allows you to change the date so that you can view and adjust in/out times on previous days.
  2. The Dates With Auto-Log Out Flags field is a dropdown listing all the dates with auto-logout flags.
  3. The main area of the page allows you to:
    1. See a staff with Clocked-In status, with the time they clocked in.
    2. See what house a staff member is currently working on, and how long they have been there so far.
    3. See how much time each task has taken
    4. Adjust Clock In/Out and Task Start and End times by clicking Edit.
    5. Add a new Task Time period by clicking Add New Task Time next to the staff
    6. Add a new Shift period by clicking Add New Shift next to the staff
    7. Clear Auto-Logout Flags by clicking Clear Auto-logout Flag

Dashboard Auto Logout 

On the Tracking Page, any staff who have been automatically logged-out will be "flagged" by being highlighted with a yellow background.  

Tip: Clicking the Clear Auto-Logout Flag button will only erase the yellow background color on the Tracking Page for the staff who forgot to log out. To address the issue click Edit and adjust the clock-in or clock-out time. 

Once you turn on Time Tracking for any staff, a Days with Auto Logout count will appear on your dashboard, so you easily know if you need to adjust dates and clear flags.


  1. Time Tracking Tasks - This report will output how much time each staff spent on each task, as well as the Minimum and Maximum times estimated for each task so that you can ensure your estimates are accurate. You can search and filter the results as needed.
  2. Time Tracking Staff - This report will output the total amount of time spent per day for each staff as well as totals and averages. You can search and filter the results as needed