Staff and Owner Notifications

Flexible and customizable notifications alert administrators when a specific action happens.  Notifications are only sent to Staff and Owners for their assigned or owned properties.  

Access Staff and Owner Notifications

  1. In the Setup Staff and Owner Notifications.
  2. Click Edit All in the upper right corner of the page.

Select Notification Qualities (None, Email, Text or Both)

Staff Notifications
  1. Use the drop-down menus to choose the timing (scheduled check-out time, prior to task due time and/or overdue) and the route (None, Emal, Text or Both) notifications will be sent.
  2. Click Save
Owner Notifications
  1. Use the drop-down menus to choose the route (None, Emal, Text or Both) task completion notifications will be sent.
  2. Check to include a standard note with the notification.
  3. Enter standard Note such as your house is clean.

Review Properties Assigned to Staff Notifications

  1. Review the properties assigned to Staff on the Notification page.
  2. Edit  Property assignments in Setup → Staff.
  3. Edit the desired staff record.
  4. Scroll down to the end of the Staff Edit page → check the Properties to Include.

Notification List

Staff Notifications

  • Check-Out Notification is triggered only if the property is integrated with Smart Home software and the guests check-out.
  • Not Yet Done Notification is triggered when Staff has not marked the task complete within the time frame chosen.
  • Overdue Notification is triggered when Staff as not marked the task complete and the time window for the task has expired.

Owner Notifications

  • Decline Notification is triggered when Staff accepts a task.
  • Task Complete Notification is triggered when Staff completes a task.
  • Check the Checkbox to Include a Note to the Owner or staff such as "Your property is clean."

Assign Staff Limited Administrator Status and Properties

  1. Go to Setup → Staff.
  2. Click Edit (pencil icon).
  3. Scroll to Administrative Access Area → Check Allow Administrative Access
Tip: In the Administrative Access Area staff does not have to be given Administrator access to the White or Grey navigation bars in order to receive notifications.