Property Tags

Property tags are used to group and filter properties to streamline scheduling and task rule assignments as well as filter reports.

Tip: Typical property tags include: Full Service, RBOs, Linen Only

Add or Edit Property Tags

  1. Turn on Property Tags in Setup --> System Settings
  2. Go to Setup --> Property Tags.
  3. Add or edit Property Tag name. 
  4. Check all properties to include in the Property Tag
  5. Click Save.
Tip: Property tags can be assigned when adding and editing properties.

Using Property Tags during Workflow

Pre-filter your calendars for faster loading speeds using the Filter icon.

Already in the Scheduling Calendar? Use the Property Tags option in the Sticky Filter area to filter properties prior to scheduling.

Using Property Tags During Setup

  1. In Setup --> Task Rules use the Filter Records on Assignments Page feature to pre-filter the Assignments Page for faster load speeds.
  2. Choose a Tag
  3. Click Manage Assignments (the people icon) to manage only the assignments of the Filtered Properties.