Staff Dashboard User Guide with Time Tracking

Clock-In by Starting a Task

  1. When you arrive at your first house click on the VRScheduler Icon.
  2. Click Start Task. This will perform a Clock-In and open the Task for you to view. 

Optional:  Click the green Clock-In button to start your day if you start working before starting a task.

Submit an Issue

If you run across a problem at the property you will immediately submit through the issues form. 

  1. Click the +Issues button to open the Issue Form
  2. Complete the Issues Form fields, Issues Name, and Description.
  3. Check the appropriate Issue Category as well as Urgent if the Issue is pressing.
  4. Upload up to three Images of the issue (If more photos are needed then open a new Issues Form, choose a related name, and submit the remaining photos).
    1. Tap Choose File.
    2. Tap Take Photo or Video. Then tap Retake or Use or
    3. Look in your photo library and tap photo (photo will auto-upload).
  5. Click Submit Issue.  A notification will immediately be sent to your manager.

Complete the Task

  1. Click  Complete when the task is completed and everyone assigned to this task is done. This will stop the timer and remove the task from the dashboard of every person assigned or
  2. Click Done to stop your Task Timer and leave it open for others. If others are clocked in when the green complete button is selected, the system will ask "Are you sure? This will Stop Timer for You and all Assigned"

Pause the Task

  1. Click Pause if you are not yet done with this task, but need to go to a different task (like pushing through laundry at a different house). 
  2. Click Start Task on the task to restart the timer. 

Ending Your Day

Click  Clock-out at the end of your workday. This will stop the timer on your day.

Optional: You may Clock-out in the middle of your workday to take a break, for example, if you are taking lunch or picking your kids up from school. To do this Complete or Pause the Task then Clock-outClock-in again when you resume the Task.