Allowing Field Staff to Add Tasks when Submitting an Issue

Staff typically submits an Issue through their dashboard, and then the office manager creates a Task on the Scheduling Calendar as needed.

In specific cases, it may be helpful to allow trusted Staff to generate a Standard Task through the Issues Form on their Dashboard, thus skipping the administrative review step and immediately generating the Task for another Staff such as Maintenence.  

Using this Functionality

Staff Dashboard view

Use the drop-down to select the appropriate Task


  1. Setup the Standard Task Rules to be available through the staff dashboards
  2. Setup Staff to have access to Submitting a Task from their dashboard in the Issues Form.

Setup Standard Task Rules

  1. Go into Setup → Task Rule
  2. Add or Edit a Standard Single Task
  3. Under the Standard Single Scheduling Details section, choose Include Task as Option on Dashboards in Submit Issues Form to be available through the staff dashboard
Tip: Be sure there is Staff auto-assigned for every property for these rules.  If not, the new task will go into the unassigned row.  You can set up more than one rule if you want your staff member in the field to choose who receives the new task.  For example, add one rule called Maintenance - George and one rule called Maintenance - Harold.

Setting up Staff

  1. Go Into Setup → Staff
  2. Add or Edit a Staff member
  3. Under the Dashboard section, check Allow Add Standard Tasks