Pay Types, Piece Pay Units, Hourly Pay Rates and Approval Processes

VRScheduler provides the functionality to manage blended ways of paying your staff for easier payroll reporting.

Initial Setup: Pay Types, Piece Pay amounts & Hourly Pay Rates

  1.  Enable piece pay in Setup --> System Settings choose Pay By Task if you pay a fixed price or set time for each task. Or if you pay any staff only for time tracked while working on a task, and not for the full day.
  2. Set up default Pay Type for each Task in Setup --> Task Rules --> click Edit (the pencil) on each row or Bulk Edit on the Pay Type column. Pay Type can be set to the following:
  • None if there is no pay for this task
  • Piece Pay Unit is in Dollars to pay each Staff member the same dollar amount to complete this task, In this case, you would enter a dollar amount for the Piece Pay Unit field on the Assignments screen.
  • Piece Pay Unit is in Time to pay each Staff member the same amount of time for each task.  Each staff will then be assigned an Hourly Pay Rate. In this case, you would enter an hour amount for the Piece Pay Unit amount on the Assignments screen.
  • Pay by Time Tracked to pay each Staff member the time tracked through their dashboards while doing Tasks multiplied times their Hourly Pay Rate.  In this case, be sure staff dashboards have Time Tracking checked.

3. Set up default Hourly Pay Rates for each Staff member in Setup --> Staff.  Click Edit (the pencil) on each row or Bulk Edit on the Hourly Pay Rate column.

Approval Process

As tasks are complete, managers should review daily and Approve in Quick Reports --> Blended Pay Review

  1. Report will pre-filter by Not Approved for the last 3 days 
  2. Review each Task to ensure accurate pay and flag if further investigation is needed
  3. If adjustments are needed:
    1. Edit (the pencil icon) to adjust Pay Type, Piece Pay Amount, and Pay Rate per Task
    2. Edit Time Tracked as needed
  4. If many Hourly Rates and Pay Types are needing adjustment, use the Edit all Types, Rates and Amounts link at the top.  Bulk Edit is especially helpful when just getting started with this feature.
  5. Approve individual tasks using the Checkmark Icon.
  6. Mark multiple tasks as approved or paid by using the checkboxes and  Mark all Checked as Approved or Paid buttons.

Payroll Reports

Note: The  Mark Paid and  Mark all Checked as Paid feature is only available to Administrators with Report access

For monthly payroll, managers can print or export reports, then mark records as Paid.  Navigate to Reports --> Blended Payroll Report

  1. Filter by Date Range
  2. Review all line items, pay special attention to items Not Approved, and investigate and adjust as needed.
  3. Print or export all items, then Mark as Paid to keep track.