Procedure to Add a Staff Member in VRScheduler

Below is a master list of all the steps you may need to take to set up a new staff member.  Most companies do not use every feature and will skip steps, so feel free to take this list and modify it for your company's needs.

1. Add the new Staff member record: From Setup --> Staff, use the Copy to New feature in the Manage column of a previously entered Staff Member that is in the same position or has similar access levels.
Carefully fill out all the fields

2. Sort Staff:  Use the Sort feature to sort this Staff Member next in a good place for dragging and dropping tasks on the Scheduling Calendar.  This will be next to a staff member who you would drag and drop tasks to and from with this new Staff Member.

3. Adjust Rules: In Setup --> Task Rules, adjust the rules for Tasks that should be auto assigned to this new Staff Member
In the Scheduling Calendar, check your work for the Task Rule auto assignments.  

5. Check the new Staff Dashboard: In the Scheduling Calendar, assign the new Staff Member a few tasks, then use the db link to preview their dashboard.  Make adjustments to their settings in Setup --> Staff until their dashboard has the information required.

6. Check Administrator permissions: If they are an administrator, Log In as them to ensure they have the correct permissions. Use an Incognito Window (available from the upper right Customize menu in Chrome) so that you don't have to log out of your account.

7. Set up Notifications: If they are an administrator, go to Setup --> Administrator Notifications to set up Event Notifications.

8. Install their Mobile Dashboard: From Setup-- > Staff, send them the Welcome Email and help them install their dashboards using the Installation Guide at the top of that page.  If needed, Print the User Guide for their specific setup.