Scheduling List

The scheduling list contains similar information to the scheduling calendar, but in list view. 

There are a few extra features in this screen including:

Activating Tasks: if you have deactivated a task, you can re-activate it in this screen (it shows up in grey)

Bulk Assigning Days and Employees: using the bulk assign features in combination with the Filters allow you to easily re-assign larger chunks of tasks, which could be helpful for vacation days, etc.

Add one-off Task: Add an additional task on the calendar

Mark All Overdue Tasks: Complete this is a powerful tool that allows you to mark ALL past tasks complete. This is great for playing catch-up, especially when onboarding. You can then go into individual tasks and return them to incomplete as needed.

Rebuild all Tasks: Again, this is a powerful (and slightly dangerous!) tool to rebuild all incomplete tasks. Any adjustments made (assigning employees, dragging to a different day, adding notes) will be lost. This could be helpful if you make a large amount of rule changes and simply want to start from scratch.

View and Send Task Lists allow you to send employees their task lists (see second image below). The Emails sent will include a link to their dashboards.