Master Calendar User Guide

The Master Calendar is your 10,000-ft. view over what is going on with your properties.  Reviewing the Master Calendar is part of your  Recommended Daily Procedures

Master Calendar Format

  • The properties are listed down the left and organized by region.  The regions are color-coded. 
  • The calendar dates are listed across the top. 
  • The bookings for each property will be imported into VRScheduler, and are displayed on the calendar as colored bars representing the properties' region.
  • Underneath the bookings are the Tasks for that property scheduled for the property.  The Tasks are auto-scheduled based on your Task Rules. Task Rules can be based on Check-in, Check-Out, Mid-stay, mid vacancy and on a set schedule.  You can also enter rules for upsell items like Gift Baskets or Pool Heat.  Everything you see on this calendar has been auto-generated, with absolutely no data entry.
Note: The Master Calendar is the only place where you can view the bookings and tasks at the same time.

Master Calendar Features

From the Master Calendar issues are visible and manageable. 

  • Maintenance, damage, and lost and found flags are accessed by clicking onto the hotlink on those issues. 
  • Current occupant status, as well as the most recent tasks completed, can be easily reviewed.
  • Bookings and tasks are clickable for ease of editing.

Calendar Filters

Filters control what is temporarily displayed on the calendar, with an additional option to view Blocks & Inactive Bookings

Sticky Filters 

Sticky Filters sort the bookings and task data and "sticks" the filter across multiple calendars. See articles on Property Tags, Departments, Regions and Region Groups for more information.  

Note: Once you check a sticky filter box you must click the Set button or the Return Key to activate the sticky filter. If something is missing from the Calendar click Clear to ensure a filter is not activated.

Help Key

The Help Key is located in the upper left-hand corner of the filter box. 
Click the Help Key and the key to colors and icons will appear.

Office View

The Office View feature is located in the Help Key.  This is a link to a non-editable scheduling calendar. You can use this link to set up a tablet screen in your laundry room or anywhere else your staff needs to view the task calendar in this way.