Administrator Dashboard User Guide

The Administrative Dashboard is the top-level view of important items (and the screen you go to when you log in).  There are two menu bars.  The White Navigation Bar is the utility and settings links.  The Grey Navigation Bar is the daily operations links where all of your day-to-day and weekly tasks can be managed.

The Dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of key data points with direct links to address each one. Key priorities include:

  • The number of Overdue Tasks. 
    • Click on Overdue Tasks to view the task report and review see what is currently overdue.
    • Click on the Double Check Icon to 
        1. Mark all Overdue Tasks Complete.  This will set the completion date in any reports to the day that the task was scheduled.
        2. Mark all Overdue Tasks Inactive.  This will remove all the Overdue Tasks from your reports but will still allow them to be visible on the Master Calendar.
  • The number of Issues. 
    • Click on Issues to link into the Issues page.
  • The number of Days with Auto-Logouts indicator will only show if Staff Time Tracking is turned on. The number indicates a review of the auto-logouts is needed and actions such as changing dates, times and/or clearing flags should be taken.

Tip: Clicking the Clear Auto-Logout Flag button will only erase the yellow background color on the Tracking Page for the staff who forgot to log out.
  • The number of Unassigned Tasks. The number indicates the Tasks on your calendar that are current unassigned in the next 7 days. Click on Unassigned Tasks to go to the Scheduling Calendar.
  • A Priority or  Additional Notices box may appear if there are additional items needing attention such as New VRScheduler functionality,  no properties, payment notices, specials, and/or other information.