Upload Bookings from Vacasa

VRScheduler is unable to import bookings from Vacasa.  The Vacasa iCal links create double bookings and does not show same-day check in/outs.  We can import bookings from the Vacasa flat-file downloaded from their portal.

Upload Bookings from Vacasa

1.   Setup --> System Settings --> Set Has Vacasa Properties to YES

2.   Setup --> Properties --> Edit (pencil icon).  

3. Scroll down to  Bookings section --> check  Vacasa CSV and enter the associated Vacasa Property ID. 

Note: Use the CSV import file from step 4 to obtain the Vacasa Property IDs.

4. Log into your Vacasa portal and download the list of bookings in CSV format.  The column headers should include exactly:

Unit Code
Unit Name
Reservation ID
Late Check Out
Total Guests

5.  Bookings;  Actions button; choose  Upload Vacasa  Bookings.  Choose your file from step 4, and click  Submit to import the bookings.