Owner Dashboard User Guide

The Owner Dashboards is designed to be responsive and very easy to use. The Dashboard is the VRScheduler Owner Homepage and shows the number of properties, the number of bookings and a reminder to owners to enter owner stays for iCal linked properties. 

Access Owner Dashboards

  1. Send Owner a welcome notification in the Manage area of the white navigation bar.  Find the owner and use the Nofications feature.  The notifications feature is only available if the Owner has an email address.  
  2. Owners can also install the Owner VRScheduler Dashboard Icon on a mobile device see Dashboard Installation User Guide for Staff, Owners, and Vendors.
Note : Technical Requirements - VRScheduler does not support any devices that are older than the 3rd generation.

Owner Dashboard Features

Menu Options

  1. Click Dashboard to link to the Dashboard
  2. Click Bookings on the navigation menu or the green Manage Booking button to see a list view of all bookings of your Properties.
  3. Click Reports on the navigation menu or the green View Reports button to view a list of past Tasks and Owner Notes.
  4. Click Issues to view if any issues have been reported on your properties.
  5. Click Import Links to show iCal linked properties.
  6. Click Settings to change the email and text notification. 
Note: Please inform your property manager if you make a change in settings as they will not be aware of your updates and will assume you are still receiving their notifications. 
  1. Please contact the Property Manager to update your email and/or phone number.