OwnerRez Integration

OwnerRez Property Management Software is integrated with VRScheduler. In addition to bookings, the following information can be imported from OwnerRez into VRScheduler. 

If your OwnerRez account is connected to Airbnb through iCAL, requests, blocks and other booking inaccuracies may occur.  Please use the OwnerRez API connection for your Airbnb listings.
  • Properties
  • Owner Information
  • Check In Times
  • Guest Phone, Email, and Name
  • Owner Bookings 
  • Guest, Child and Pet Counts
  • Notes for use with Booking Tags
  • Rent Amounts
  • Deposit Amounts

The VRScheduler Booking Reference ID in the booking popup window links to your OwnerRez Reservation

Looking to integrate OwnerRez with VRScheduler? 

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