Adding Owner Entered Bookings into your Booking Software

If your Property Management software does not allow your owners to enter owner stays, owners can enter those stays through their VRScheduler Owner Dashboard, and VRScheduler can feed those bookings back into your Property Management software.

Important: Outbound iCal feeds are required for this solution.  VRScheduler charges 50cents/property/feed to cover IT/hosting costs. All properties required.  

Setup Steps

1. Request Outbound iCal feeds be added to your account by emailing

2. Navigate to Setup --> iCal Feeds

3. For each property listed, copy the Owner Entered iCal link.

4. Enter this link into your booking software import iCal field for the same property.

How it works

1. Only Owner Entered bookings are included in the feeds.

2. Each Owner Entered booking in the iCal feed has the text "VRS Owner Entered" appended to the guest name.

3. The booking software will import these bookings onto each property's calendar.

4. These bookings will then show up in the import from your booking software into VRScheduler.  VRScheduler will look for the string "VRS Owner Entered" and import that booking as a block instead of a booking.

This feature is currently in place for the following software:

If you use software not on this list, please reach out to