Pushing Housekeeping Status back to Beds24

VRScheduler has the ability to update the housekeeping status for the associated Beds24 property when a task is completed.  Set each VRScheduler Task Rule to the associated Beds24 status.

Note: The Beds24 status will only be updated if the next booking check in time has not passed.  This alleviates the issue where a clean is marked complete past the next check-in time, in which case the unit should stay dirty.

Setup Instructions

Step 1:
Navigate to Setup --> Task Rules, then click Edit next to the desired task.

Step 2: 
Scroll down to Beds24 Room Unit Status section and choose the Status. 
When the tasks generated by this rule are completed, the property will update to the selected status in Beds24.

Note: Every time Beds24 Status list is changed, these settings should be reviewed for accuracy.