Pushing Work Orders into OwnerRez as Expenses

Pending work orders can be created as Expenses in OwnerRez from Issues and Completed Tasks. 

In VRScheduler, Allow Work Order Functionality

1. Navigate to   Setup --> System Settings.

2. Click the   Edit button in the upper right.

3. Scroll down to the   OwnerRez Work Order Integration section.

4. Check the desired options for Allowing issues and/or tasks to be sent into OwnerRez

Usage: How to Push Work Orders Into OwnerRez and View Results


1. Navigate to   Issues

2. Select an Issue to push into OwnerRez and click the   Manage button

3. Click the   Send Work Order to OwnerRez option

4. Once clicked, view the status of the work order underneath the  Manage button by clicking view work order.   

Time Saver Tip: Use the checkboxes on the left of the screen to select multiple Issues and then click the  Send Work Orders to button to send work orders in bulk.


1. For any completed task, open the Task Popup window from any screen (such as  Reports --> Task History)  
2. Click the  Send Work Order to OwnerRez link

3. Once clicked, view the status of the work order push in the Task Details section.

4. Additionally, view the status of the work order push in  Reports --> Task History